Unfortunately we are no longer taking pre orders for Christmas. To speak to a member of the team please call 01252-642139.

How can i place my order?

To avoid any confusion over size and price we recommend you come into the shop and place the order with us personally. 

Our Christmas order form is at the bottom of this FAQ.

If you can’t make it into the shop, Dont worry.  Please call us on 01306-640517 (Our Dorking Store) 01252-642139 (Guildford) and we can discuss your needs over the phone.

We will not accept orders over any social media such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

Email orders will only be accepted if you receive a confirmation email back, at peak times it is very difficult for our small team to manage all the admin and telephone calls so please be patient and we will get back to you.

When can i place my order?

Our order book opens on the 25th October 2020 and closes on the 5th December.

What if i miss the cut off point?

If you miss the last day to order we may still be able to help, although this year we will have to be stricter than usual, you may be able to take meat with you and keep in the freezer.

In order to anticipate the extra orders this year we have had to predict numbers and work closely with our farmers, we work with small holders and independent farms who have a very limited stock. Once the order book is full it is because there are no more turkeys left.

Can i change or add to my order?

It can be difficult trying to organise the family and sometimes plans change after your order is placed. While we understand this, it is very difficult for us to make changes once the order is placed.

We ask that you plan ahead and make sure when placing the order that you need the amount you have asked for. 


Can i cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, just let us know, in most circumstances we will be able to refund any deposit unless it is 48 hrs before you are due to collect. We are trying to make it fair for everybody and some people will be let down this year, with enough notice a canceled order could still make it to someone else just in time.

When shall i collect my order?

When you place your order, you will be given a collection day, as Xmas eve is the most preferable day for collection the available slots for this day will fill up quickly, this will be allocated on a first come first served basis and you will be advised when you place the order what days are available.

Do you do offer a delivery service?

Unfortunatley not, due to the volume of orders and the size of our team, home delivery is not an option for us.

What if there is another lockdown?

We will update you with any changes that may occur regarding another lockdown. Providing our supply chain holds fast we will keep your order secure and either offer staggered collection times or explore the possibility of home deliverys for thoes in most need.

What is the shelf life of my order?

All fresh products are temperature sensitive so please keep all meat in the fridge. Even on a seemingly cold day a garage or a outside building can be too mild for fresh poultry. We will serve you your meat vacuumed sealed where possible to preserve the shelf life. Please speak to one of our butchers when collecting if you are concerned about storage.

Can i freeze my order?

It is perfectly fine to freeze. Please speak  to our butchers if you are thinking about freezing and we can offer advice.

Can you provide me with cooking advice?

We can and we will! If you need a refresher or some help on the cooking times please let us know, all turkeys will come with instructions as will all beef wellingtons and we have cooking guides available on our website and in our butchers shop.

How do i pay?

We do not take any payment over the telephone or pre payment. You will pay the final amount when the order is collected. You can pay with debit card, cash and smart pay.

We accept most major credit cards but do not accept american express.


I can't find what i want on your Christmas form, can i make a special request?

Unfortunately due to the volume of orders we can not take any bespoke orders on our form. We can however take orders for cuts in the build up to Christmas which you may be able to take with you and freeze at home. Please contact us if you have any special requests and we will endeavour to find a solution.


Where does your meat come from and is it all free range?

We are very fortunate that we are surrounded by lush fields and farms a plenty. Our meat is locally sourced, free range and pasture fed. If the provanance is something you would like to know more about you can visit the ethical meat section on our website or ask our butchers about the farmers we work with.

Is your beef dry aged and what does this mean?

As you read this our beef is slowly maturing to perfection in our carefully controlled fridges. In the months building up to Christmas we hand select our beef and set it upon its journey of maturing before it reaches your dining table.

Dry ageing is a traditional process which encourages natural enzymes to break down the fibres of beef to make it more tender, the end result is beef with a more robust concentrated flavour.

I've heard about the different breeds you sell, Can i select what breed i have?

Because we buy direct from the farm, we can specify what breeds we stock, it is possible to select or pre reserve a specific breed if your order reaches us in time.

Typically, the local beef will sell out the quickest. If you wanted to ask about specific breeds make sure to speak to our butchers when placing the order and your preferences will be noted. The exact breed is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee certain breeds will not sell out. It will be first come first served.

Cooking guides for your Christmas feast and order form below