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our Online christmas order form is now open

As always, we are committed to providing you with prime locally sourced meats to enjoy with your family and friends at Christmas.

We work closely with dedicated farmers throughout Surrey and Sussex who not only respect the great British countryside, but the welfare of their livestock. To find out more about the green and fair livestock standards we insist on, click here.

Scroll down to read our Christmas Frequently Asked Questions.

Free range bronze turkeys from Meadowbrook farm in East Sussex.

Set across acres of open idyllic Sussex countryside, This small family run farm is owned by Will Sheffield and his daughters, Alice and Kim.

They practice an ‘off grid’ approach to farming, with all electricity and water harvested from the farm itself, meaning the site is fully sustainable and has a lower environmental impact. The use of solar panels and a well situated on the farm means they are fully self sufficient.

  The Turkeys are encouraged to forage naturally on herb rich pastures and are fed a complete ration of cereals, natural oils and protein crops. Slowly matured over 6 months without the need for growth promotors. No surprise that these healthy birds are repeat winners as “Champion Turkey” at the South East Marts Winter Fayre and prize winners at Ashford Christmas Fat Stock show.

Use our helpful cooking guides to give you tips.

frequently asked questions

When can I place my order?

Our Christmas order books close on the 10th December.

What if I miss the order deadline?

If you miss the last day to order we may still be able to help, however after the Order Deadline we cannot guarantee a collection day and there recommend, if we have the item, that you take it with you in advance and freeze at home.

We work alongside smallholders and independent farmers who have a very limited stock. Once our order book is full, it is usually because there are no more turkeys left or collection days left.

Can I add or change my order?

While we appreciate it can be difficult trying to organise the family and sometimes plans change after your order is placed it is difficult for us to guarantee any late changes, we ask that you plan ahead and make sure when placing the order that you need the amount you have asked for.

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, just let us know, in most circumstances we will be able to refund any deposit unless it is 48hrs before you are due to collect.

When can I collect my order?

When you place your order, you will be given a collection day. As Christmas Eve is the most preferable day for collection, slots for this day will fill up quickly, these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

What is the shelf life of my meat?

All fresh products are temperature sensitive so please keep all meat in the fridge. Even on a
seemingly cold day a garage or an outside building can be too mild for fresh poultry. We will serve you your meat vacuumed sealed where possible to preserve the shelf life. Please speak to one of our butchers when collecting if you are concerned about storage.

Are you able to provide cooking instructions?

We can and we will! If you need a refresher or some help on the cooking times, please let us know, all turkeys will come with instructions as will all beef wellingtons and we have cooking guides available here on our website and in our butcher’s shop.

Can I freeze my meat?

All our meat is prepared fresh. It is perfectly fine to freeze. Please speak to our butchers if you are thinking about freezing and we can offer advice.

How do I pay?

We don’t take any payment over the telephone or pre payment. You will pay the final amount when the order is collected. You may be asked to pay a small deposit which will be credited to your final order.

What I'd like to order is not on your Christmas Order Form, can I make a special request?

We will only be taking orders for items listed on our form over the Christmas period. For cuts not listed on our form we recommend to buy in advance and take with you to freeze at home. Please contact us if you have any special requests and we will endeavour to find a solution.

Where does your meat come from and is it all Free Range?

We are very fortunate that we are surrounded by lush fields and farms a plenty. Our meat is locally sourced and includes free range, pasture fed and organic. If the provenance is something you would like to know more about you can visit the ethical meat section on our website or ask our butchers about the farmers we work with.

Is your beef Dry-Aged and what does this mean?

As you read this our beef is slowly maturing to perfection in our carefully controlled fridges. In the months building up to Christmas we hand select our beef and set it upon its journey of maturing before it reaches your dining table.
Dry ageing is a traditional process in which natural enzymes break down the fibres of beef to make it more tender, the end result is beef with a more robust concentrated flavour.

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